The other weekend Tyler & I spotted a parade from his apartment downtown so we did a quick Google search of what was happening in the city.  It turned out that it was Greek Independence Day & everyone had flocked to Greektown to celebrate, so on a whim we decided to check out the scene.  If theres one thing I learned from watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding over the years, it’s that Greeks know how to have a good time, so “Why not?” we said, haha.  It was also the most beautiful day Chicago has had this year so there was no chance of us staying cooped up inside.




I was wearing this new dress I had picked up on sale at Old Navy which it was only a coincidence that it happens to be fairly Greek-esque. 😛 I’m so in love with this sundress as it’s loose & comfortable yet form-fitting in all the right areas.  For me it’s always a challenge to find cute dresses that are an appropriate length, affordable, yet don’t look/feel cheap, all at the same time!  This one hit all the targets & was so vibrant on the mannequin that I couldn’t leave without it.  You can also never go wrong with a classic stripe print.




No onto the most important part, the food. 😉 Tyler had ate in Greektown before but this was my very first time & now I can’t wait to get back there for more.

We ate at the popular Greek Islands restaurant & they proudly make the statement that they import their own EVOO, wine, cheeses, seafood, olives, herbs & spices directly from Greece while maintaining only the healthiest, freshest, & natural ingredients.  I love it already.

We started off with a glass of their white wine, Molon Lave, while we waited at the bar.  I don’t believe I had ever had Grecian wine before either but I am not in any way surprised that it is was delicious!!  Once we were seated we ordered the Keftedakia appetizer, lamb meatballs in a tangy tomato sauce, which also came out with their freshly baked crusty bread.  Shortly after, we noticed that every single table in the room had ordered an appetizer called Flaming Saganaki Cheese which is a combination of imported Greek cheeses, flambéed tableside.  Why tyler was not interested in this, I do not know!! I will go back & order this for myself if I have to as cheese is like the key to my happiness. ? People were literally shouting “OPAAA!” in excitement.  We gobbled up the main course which I had Pastichio, baked pasta casserole with ground meat & cheese topped with béchamel sauce.  Tyler got the grilled octopus with Briami (baked vegetables in olive oil).  Everything was so so delightful & I now crave this place on a constant basis.  I happily walked away from this meal & into the city streets with a “prego food belly”, cradled by my hands & completely unashamed.


Quay Sunglasses
Old Navy Dress
Furla Bag
Old Navy Wedges

Ultimately, Greece has been on the top of my bucket list for quite some time now, especially Santorini, & our humble little experience in Greektown has me excited for the real deal someday. Does anyone have any “must-have” traditional Greek wines or dishes or even travel suggestions!?


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  • Amy Eathington

    Yum. Looks Delious. Thanks for the Greektown suggestions. I can’t wait to go there now. Loving your beautiful blog.

    • inwisti

      Thanks, Amy! You would love it. xo

  • Tamara

    Cute dress and the food looks so good!


    Tamara –

    • inwisti

      Thank you, Tamara! It was super yummy. 🙂

  • Lily Rose

    what a cute dress! Old Navy doesn’t disappoint! And wow this food looks amazing! I seriously want to try that cheese that you mentioned and the grilled octopus looks so good as well. Glad you guys had fun at the Greek Independence Day <3

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    • inwisti

      They certainly did not disappoint this time around! We gotta get out there and try that flaming cheese! Thanks for stopping by, dear.

  • Carina

    Fabulous outfit, you look gorgeous and the food seems delicious!


    • inwisti

      That is sweet of you! Thank you, Carina. 🙂

  • The Leach Life

    Beautiful photos!

    LEACH |

  • Trang Do

    Beautiful dress! You looks gorgeous darling!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • Terrell S.

    Love your blog so much!!! So glad I was introduced to it! Amber from Barefoot Blonde sent me a link to it. Her post “PInk & White Blossoms” she is wearing a yellow stoned ring on her right index finger. When I asked her where she got it, she sent me the link to your blog. Do you happen to know the store it’s from? I’d love to find one! 🙂 THanks a ton!!!

  • Deanna Hohenbery

    you are soo gorgeous and I am amazed by how far you have come with your blog! I know it was a dream of yours and how amazing is how well its doing… keep it going girl!

    • Mel

      Aw thanks, D, and for all the support. It’s just something fun that I really enjoy doing and I’m glad I made the plunge! 🙂 <3